The author‟s work was presented on the 5th International Conference on Fundamental and Applied Aspects of Speech and Language „SPEECH AND LANGUAGE 2015.‟in Crown Plaza in Belgrade, Serbia on the 17&18th of October 2015, under the patronage of Serbian Government – Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia, and it is published in the scientific Proceedings with all the other works from the conference.

Prof. DANIJELA GAJIĆ, Ph.D. Serbia

Abstract: The goal of this paper is to shift the borders of understanding the human consciousness and its potentials. The focus is on the new level of communication, on the Transsoul communication, as a direct vertical communication between an individual soul, as a unit of consciousness and a universal consciousness. The author‟s research shows that the regression therapy can be used as a tool for decoding the soul language, and its healing, transformative and development potential. Also it implies that death and life are just an illusion of limited consciousness.

Key words: soul, consciousness, regression therapy, healing, evolution

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” C. G. Jung

There has always existed and especially today exists deep human need for transcendental experiences, searching for one‟s purpose and deeper sense of life. As if all around us are people suffering from emptiness and longing. In spite of sophisticated technologies and science development, when the speed of communication is instantaneous, it seems as if we have forgotten the most basic communication – that one with our own Soul.
The soul represents individual, vibrational-energetic unit of consciousness, transpersonal center which reflects our deepest and true nature. It is the symbol of our Inner Being which possesses knowledge and wisdom which overcome space and time. It is our Higher Self, omnipotent and omniscient, our door into endless Field of all possibilities and connection with the Universe. Soul is the foundation of human being and nothing can satisfy us except reconnection with that essential part of ourselves. It is our primeval state which we have forgotten and for which we search everywhere.
When we make contact with our Soul, then we are healing ourselves at the deepest level.
However, how to make that contact when we are so alienated from ourselves? How can we understand the subtle language of our Inner Being? Today, the average person who belongs to our cultural environment, functions in the way that is far below its real potential and capacity. The reason for this impoverishment is in the fact that the person identifies itself only with a small part of itself – with physical body and the ego. Because of such misidentification, the person leads unauthentic, unhealthy and unfulfilled life and is subject to the emergence of emotional and psychosomatic disorders. The emergence of disturbing symptoms can be understood as a sign that the person who functions on the basis of false premises has reached the point where it is obvious that former way of existence in the world does not function anymore and that it has become unsustainable. However, the symptoms are only visible indications that there exists the problem, they represent a mean of communication, and the message from deeper dimensions of our Being that there is something that should be resolved. Therefore, application of only
symptomatic treatment would be equal to killing the messenger, hoping that the problem would disappear. Causes lie in deeper and more subtle dimensions of human being. Such dimensions must be known, accepted and respected and incorporated into daily life. Since it is unknowingness and unrecognition of them that has created the problem. Life has an infinite number of forms, and scientists‟ duty is to discover them.
There are two ways of discovering the truth or gaining insight:
1. Analytical, rational, logical research and study of external physical world, the results of which were expressed through mathematical and verbal concepts and symbols typical for our speech.
2. Direct experience of reality through exploration of the inner world. This experience transcends intellectual, logical thinking. It is untranslatable into our common, everyday language. Those people who have experienced it, say that this experience is not translatable into words, that it is beyond language, space and time. The closest term for this out-of-time and space language would be The Soul Language. However, the only way for the study and proper interpretation of it is personal experience. This language is real, eternal and unchangeable, far beyond human insight of human ego-consciousness limits. Direct knowledge of one‟s identity is obtained through it.
The language we use today as a mean of communication, both written and oral, is inadequate for getting substantial knowledge of our Being. It is inadequate for getting knowledge about that Divine spark within each of us. It is inadequate for getting insight about the Soul. And that is why the Soul very often uses some other, more subtle ways to communicate with us: through dreams, intuition, synchronicity, or time matching in the appearance of two or more causally unrelated events, having the same or similar meaning, then through spontaneous and evoked memories of past lives in children and adults, meditative and altered states of consciousness.

2.1. Regression therapy as a tool for decoding the soul language
As the result of the need for interpreting and decoding of the subtle language of the Soul, new branches of science have appeared. The insights gained by the ancient mystics through their experience from different philosophical – religious directions are consistent with the latest research in quantum physics and transpersonal psychology dealing with altered and expanded states of consciousness which indicate that our consciousness contains much more than we have assumed. Observations made during the research of consciousness uncover the contemporary myth of materialistic science that the consciousness is only an epiphenomenon of substance that has emerged by neuro-physiological processes in the brain. These observations show that consciousness is the primary attribute of existence and that it is capable of doing many activities that the brain cannot perform. According to the new findings, human consciousness is an integral part of a larger, universal field of cosmic consciousness that pervades the entire existence.
Within humanistic and transpersonal psychology efficient experiential methods have been developed based on these researches, which lead to a revolution in the understanding of emotional and psychosomatic disorders. One of those methods about which I have been researching in my everyday practice is regression therapy which proves to be the perfect tool for establishing communication with the Soul. I have paid particular attention to healing, transformative and development potential of this experiential therapy. During these transpersonal experiences it is possible to move beyond the usual limits of bodily ego, the three-dimensional space and linear time. By transcendence of our personality and ego-consciousness, the highest state, which is described as a Cosmic or Absolute Consciousness, Divine matrix or Quantum hologram, is reached, where all information about our existence and laws of the universe are encoded. The level and quality of consciousness are raised through regression to the level of super-consciousness and direct experience of reality which result in significant healing, deep and positive transformation and higher levels of functioning in everyday life.

2.2. Healing, transforming and development potential of regression therapy
Regression therapy takes a holistic approach. This technique is based on consciousness and can be treated as a quantum-informational medicine or psycho-energy-spiritual therapy, which initiates the process of permanent healing through spiritual integration of personality. Within its scope, not only physical and psychological traumas resulting in postnatal life are explored, but also birth trauma and somatic traumas from previous lives.
It allows us to achieve deep psychological insights relating to our history, dynamics of unconsciousness, emotional difficulties and interpersonal problems when they are raised from subconscious level to the level of consciousness, and thereby are resolved and integrated. Thereby, in many cases severe symptoms can be resolved, which cannot be significantly affected by conventional methods of treatment. Clients have succeeded in releasing depression, overcoming phobias and fears, releasing psychosomatic diseases from migraine headaches to allergic asthma and inexplicable pain in various parts of the body. Improvements in their condition were much higher after several sessions of regression therapy than after years of conventional therapy.
Regression therapy is primarily causal therapy aiming at complete transformation of the structure of the problem, its full dissolution with permanent and stable positive changes. Experiential facing with death during regression, followed by transcendence, leads to overcoming of the fear of death and may cause a strong opening of people to universal, non-religious type of spirituality.

By far, the most interesting insights are related to philosophical, metaphysical and spiritual questions. So it also becomes a technique for expansion and attainment of higher states of consciousness.
When the noise of mind has been silenced in the state of hypnotic regression, conscious state transcends into the subconscious, and then to superconscious
level. We are entering a state of the entire reality, both internal and external, where past, present and future are present at the same time and all the time. Identification is dissolved with physical body, time and space disappear and pure being can be discerned as dissolved in the ocean of pure, undifferentiated consciousness. It is a state of extremely intense inner wakefulness in which new insights are generated and firsthand experience of extrasensory knowledge is experienced. In that space we get in contact with our Soul which in this case represents a gateway to the universal, cosmic consciousness. Old walls of communication are falling down and direct vertical communication is established between the individual Soul, as a unit of consciousness and the Universal Consciousness or Cosmic Soul, or Transsoul Communication. Here the soul releases its traumas, projections, old matrix and other unnecessary ballast. It raises its vibration and with new insights and knowledge helps a man to live a more conscious and more fulfilling life. When a person directly faces eternity of his/her existence during the regression, it is impossible to return to the old mode of existence. It recognizes that personality is only partial, individual projection of the Soul. This experience makes a deep and powerful impression. It leads to emotional and psychosomatic healing, significant psychological changes, more rewarding life strategy and expansion of world view which includes spiritual dimension of existence. Decrease in aggression is also expressed and increase in racial, political and religious tolerance, environmental awareness and profound changes in the hierarchy of values and existential priorities. This experience transfers a person to the higher development level of consciousness. Its ability to make one‟s creative potential is more fully expressed and also live more fulfilling and better life. Using of regression therapy is one of the ways to create new moral standards, because a man who has gain insight into the eternity of his actions and the connection of everything in the universe, no longer is able to consciously harm another human being.
It is noticeable that very different people experiencing these states came up with identical knowledge and insights which not at all depend on their level of intelligence, type and level of education or on philosophical and religious beliefs of the person. There is a breakthrough and expansion of quantum of consciousness. The universality of insight becomes apparent, where the
universe does not appear as Newtonian super machine, but as an infinitely complex virtual reality, created and pervaded by superior Cosmic Intelligence, Absolute Consciousness or Universal Mind, and that all of us, as protagonists in the Divine game of existence, are only different aspects of The One. Our identification as a separate body ego is an illusion, and our true identity is the overall existence.


“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness” Lao Tzu

These insights and answers to basic ontological and cosmological questions show the parallels with the great mystical traditions from around the world, but also a surprising compliance with the revolutionary achievements of modern science within the new quantum-holographic paradigm. And perhaps in that synergy of science and spirituality, which is present today, lies the hope that deep inner transformation of the whole mankind will happen, enabling us to reach the level of consciousness development at which we would deserve the name we have proudly given to our species – Home sapiens. Mankind has come to the limit which will be followed by either a spiritual awakening or destruction. Salvation can be found in personal spiritual quest of every man, in decoding long-forgotten language of his Soul and in having insight into the way each of us is responsible for the fate of the world. Development of inner ethics and understanding the connection between everything in the world represent the highest level of protection, as well as a necessary condition for the evolution of human consciousness.

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